Dominican Republic’s Business Leaders assume Leaders Summit goals

on Jueves, 05 Agosto 2010.

Dominican Republic’s Business Leaders assume Leaders Summit goals

The Summit’s goal is to increase the amount of UN Global Compact participants to 20,000 by 2020.

Santo Domingo, 20 July 2010.- Over 150 business leaders were convened as a part of the Dominican Republic United Nations Global Compact Network’s efforts to support the 10th anniversary of the Global Compact.

At the ceremony in the Caribbean country’s Capital city, several Dominican business leaders, all of whom participated in the Leaders Summit in New York City, presented the milestones and outcomes of the 10th anniversary Summit.

Collectively they highlighted the goal of increasing the UN Global Compact’s participant signatories from 8,000 today to 20,000 by 2020—agreeing that the Dominican Republic will contribute by including the dozens of leading multinational corporations that have not yet joined the Global Compact.

John R. Gagain Jr., Senior Advisor to the UN Global Compact Office in New York explained the importance of the 10th anniversary Summit, and how this Summit and its predecessors—the 2004 and 2007 Leaders Summits—played a role in making the Global Compact the world's largest corporate citizenship and sustainability initiative, which currently exists in 135 countries.

During the event, the business leaders gave their personal impressions of the 10th anniversary Summit and highlighted the results outlined in the Summit’s New York Declaration.

Elaine Nivar, Communications Director for Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN) explained the Leaders Summit’s structure and content and presented to the Dominican Republic’s private sector in attendance the 10 business leaders chosen to participate in New York.

Jesús Moreno, President of Helados Bon explained the Summit’s important contribution to advancing sustainability globally.  He utilized the new brand of Macadamia nuts “La Loma” to show how the Dominican Republic is harnessing macadamia trees as a source of sustainable income for small farmers, nutritional consumption for local communities, and reforested mountain ridges in the most remote highland communities with the aim of assuring access to safe potable water for the Dominican Republic’s low-land urban cities.

José Sanoja, Vice-President of Banco León highlighted the importance of taking the Global Compact to the next level.  He explained the new publications, resources, and tools released during the Summit and connected them to the experience of Banco León by stating, “our annual Global Compact progress report (COP) has become a tool for re-thinking our Bank’s business strategy every year”.

Nicolás Vargas, Vice-President of Banco Popular Dominicano explained the Summit’s role in highlighting how the Global Compact contributes to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.  He presented how Banco Popular Dominicano, as a member of the Steering Committee of UN Global Compact Network in the Dominican Republic, uses the Global Compact as a means to support community-based development associations in order to accelerate the country’s efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Manuel Arsenio Ureña, President of Banco ADEMI said the 10th anniversary Summit was an inspiring event.  He took the opportunity to make an official announcement that, as a result of the Summit, his Bank will create an initiative to ensure that all of his customers will receive literacy trainings.  The small farmers and microenterprises that receive loans and manage their finances at Banco ADEMI will form part of their new “Zero Illiteracy” initiative.

The business leaders also agreed to collectively harness the momentum generated by the Leaders Summit in New York to educate stakeholders on the 10 universal principles of the Global Compact.

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